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Logan Saints are very pleased to welcome Billzy as a new sponsor to the club.  Billzy is providing a substantial amount of support to our teams and we really appreciate their contribution.  You will soon start to see their logos on our jerseys and field equipment.  Thank you Billzy .

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Billzy… Mobilising the cash flow economy

Billzy is an Australian financial technology company founded by a group of building and construction entrepreneurs who understood the unique financial pressures facing not just the construction sector but also small businesses in general.

3 years later, after bringing together some of the best and brightest in the Australian financial and payment technology sector, Billzy is proud to offer for the first time to the Australian market an all in one platform which addresses the three most important things for any trading community i.e. payments, invoicing and cashflow management.

Payments and Invoicing? Billzy covers the ‘big four’

1. Make it easy for your customers to pay you

  • Credit card. Debit Card. Bank Transfer.   and soon. BPay
  • Anywhere, any device

2. Make it easy on yourself to pay your bills

  • Credit card. Debit Card. Bank Transfer. Surcharge option.  and soon. BPay
  • Anywhere, any device from your laptop to your mobile phone

3. Carry your business in your phone

  • Money due in and money out at first glance
  • Pay at the touch of a button
  • Create or load an invoice within a few seconds
  • All the history is there, neatly sorted for you

4. Optimise your cashflow

  • Improve your margins by negotiating a settlement discount with Billzy Deal
  • Extend your terms to manage your cashflow
  • Pay with a credit card to let the bank help fund your cashflow
  • Get immediate cash from your approved invoices with Billzy Cash

FREE to join! Visit our website


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